Commercial Stretcher Repatriations

Hospitalisation and medical treatment overseas can be prohibitively expensive.  In many instances, patients may not be able to travel in first or business class seating due to physical limitations from injury or illness.  Travelling by stretcher on a commercial aircraft can often  be a viable alternative to dedicated air ambulance transport.  In terms of cost mitigation, commercial stretcher repatriations are significantly cheaper than air ambulances transfers and allows the patient to get home sooner to continue treatment in their home country. The team at Retrieval Medics International can facilitate arrangements with various major airlines to arrange for a stretcher transfer.

Commercial stretchers are a logistically challenging option and availability can be dependent upon a number of factors such as seating availability on the right type of aircraft, deployment of medical teams / equipment, medical clearance processes with the airlines. The stretcher is usually accommodated at the rear of the aircraft with a temporary screen to allow for privacy during transport. Please be aware that all as an airline requirement and medical safety aspect all stretcher repatriations require a minimum of two appropriately trained health care professionals.

Our experience in this area means we are equipped to deal the logistical challenges involved with these types of transfers.  We liaise with the airlines regarding availability of suitable seating, medical clearance procedures, ground transfers, ambulance tarmac access and medical facility access at transit points as required. For a small additional service fee, we are also able to assist with admission process to the medical facility of your choice at your destination. One call to our team and we can arrange a consultation with the overseas treating doctors / medical team  and at home to ensure that all medical requirements have been considered and safeguards have been enacted to ensure a smooth transition process and safe passage home.