Services – Commercial Medical Escorts

Do you require a medical escort to get you or your loved ones home quickly and safely?

Retrieval Medics International offers a dedicated service to provide highly professional and qualified medical escorts for commercial airline repatriations. They will accompany you on your flight to ensure that all of your medical needs are catered for and look after all the logistics of ensuring your safe passage home again.

The high cost of healthcare overseas makes commercial repatriations a viable option to help mitigate ongoing medical expenses for treatment overseas. They are also an alternative to the more expensive option of a fixed wing air ambulance service.

We are able to offer a seamless and professional service to travel insurers, assistance companies, private / public health facilities, large organisations and individuals.

Based in Brisbane Australia, we are ideally situated geographically to access a global network of major airlines and flight schedules to virtually every destination globally.

Please contact us via our 24/7 operations centre to speak to a repatriation specialist about your needs.